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A Cretaceous Chronostratigraphic Database: Construction and Applications

Carnets de Géologie [Notebooks on Geology] – vol. 14, n° 2 15 A Cretaceous chronostratigraphic database: construction and applications Robert W. SCOTT 1 ABSTRACT – Timing and rates of tectonic events, evolutionary processes, and oceanographic and paleo-climatic changes must
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Late Cretaceous Climate Changes Recorded in Eastern Asian Lacustrine Deposits and North American Epieric Sea Strata

Cretaceous climate data of the long-lived Cretaceous Songliao Basin (SB) in eastern Asia is correlated and com- pared with the Western Interior Seaway (WIS) on the northern American plate, in order to understand better the dynamics of the Earth’s past ‘greenhouse’ climates.
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Upper Albian OAE 1d event in the Chihuahua Trough, New Mexico, U.S.A.

Oceanic anoxic events are clues to ocean processes and are correlation datums. In North America only OAE 1a and 2 are well documented. Based on a low-resolution sampling program, a multi-proxy geochemical approach constrained by a biostratigraphic framework was utilized to
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