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Numerical ages of first/last occurrences (FO/LO) of select Cretaceous taxa and event markers in MIDK3, 4, 41, 42, 45, Cret1, Cret2, LOK, Mowry2, CRETFIX.CAT catalog files saved as CRETCS3.1. This file edited 06/14/13 to lower LOs of Cenomanian/Turonian ammonites. LOs of some Cenomanian/Turonian taxa not yet re-calibrated from 1990 age of Cen/Tur boundary at 90.5 Ma to revised age at 93.00 Ma (within the error bar of 93.32 Ma in Obradovich, 1993, Geol. Assoc. Canada, Spec. Paper 39:379-396) and 93.25 Ma (Kowallis et al., 1995, Cretaceous Research). Negative sign a result of the GraphCor format relative to origin point of X/Y plot.

Caveats: 1) some ranges controlled by few sections and may be extended by future sections data; 2) species concepts used by some operators may differ from current concepts so ranges may differ among interpreters; 3) some species have been re-assigned to other genera by subsequent interpreters and may need updating.

Revisions & additions: 07-29-2014: MIDK.138, 143, 144 & added Hauterivian-Barremian carbonate shelf benthic foraminifera: HA-BACS.1; also added upper Aptian-lower Albian planktic foraminifers and ammonites from NW Germany. 12/2014: carbon isotope data from Wissler et al. (2003) & DiLucia et al. (2014). 05/2015: minor adjustments to Barremian-Early Aptian bioevents. 09/10/2015: Central Texas Albian ammonite data (Young, 1957) and new caprinid data from Mitchell (2013).

For more explanation see: Scott, R.W., 2014, Cretaceous chronostratigraphic database: construction and applications. Carnets de Geologie, v. 14, no. 1, p. 1-13.



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