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CRETCSDB 4.2 Appendix 1 Update

This update to the list of numerical ages of species and marker events revises ages of Albian ammonites of the US Gulf Coast and of Aptian-Albian geochemical stages. View Update Now. View all files for Cretaceous Chronostratigraphic Database.  
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CRETCSDB 4.2 Appendix 1 update

View Update Now. CRETCSDB 4.2 Appendix 1 Update View All Files For Chronostratigraphic Database. Numerical ages of first/last occurrences (FO/LO) of select Cretaceous taxa and event markers in MIDK3, 4, 41, 42, 45, Cret1, Cret2, LOK, Mowry2, CRETFIX.CAT catalog files saved as
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